Because of this, you should determine whether you qualify for the federal tax credit relating to energy efficient improvements if you have purchased a new home or improved your home during 2007.
Last week I had a couple of interesting interactions with public relations professionals. Because I quite often use this space to subtly moan and groan about what I think is wrong with the PR industry, I’ll save everyone the time of having to read about yet another public relations practitioner who, at least in my humble opinion, doesn’t really “get it” and didn’t make a very good impression for the organization being represented.
First and foremost, employers should implement policies prohibiting violence and weapons in the workplace. These policies should be written broadly, prohibiting any behavior that is threatening, intimidating, violent or inappropriate.
We’ve been impressed and reassured by the men and women that President-elect Barack Obama has appointed to senior positions in the new administration.
Not only do price increases encourage future production, but without such price increases, we would very quickly see shortages as customer demand for cheap gasoline far outstripped the available supply.
Inside your CSBJ this week is the inaugural edition of Inclusion magazine, Colorado Springs’ diversity magazine, the “real” story. The discussion on page 3 talks about the tapestry and the individual threads that make up our community. I think our community deservs a magazine that portrays through our individuality we become a community.
A critical time is upon us. The silly season has been here for awhile and will come to an end Nov. 4 … thankfully. The state ballot this year had 18 amendments on it. That was until the anti-business folks decided to pull some bad-for-business legislation. Be gone with you 53, 55, 56 and 57. Don’t darken Colorado’s business climate again.
Establishing a stormwater enterprise in Colorado Springs has been discussed for many years. A resident task force worked with city staff in 2005 developing recommendations for the implementation details of such an enterprise. At the end of that process, City Council members voted on Dec. 13, 2005, to create a stormwater enterprise. They then directed staff to take the 10 policy recommendations made by the task force and begin the work needed to implement the enterprise.
“No, it doesn’t count.” “Why? I lasted six months. Surely, that in and of itself deserves some tiny bit of recognition.” “New Year’s resolutions aren’t meant to be pro-rated. If you’d like to finally admit you have a weakness in this area and that your vaunted willpower is more myth than reality, then perhaps we can talk.”
If our leaders had managed to keep things quiet, they could have taken all the credit for success, and none of the blame for failure.
Soon, employers will once again be looking for creative ways to recruit and hold desired employees. They know an integral part of this search will involve building corporate communities that link and engage workers and their families. Benefit packages will be comprehensive and individually tailored. The targeted candidates will...
Republicans wouldn’t have dreamed of this storyline, but for the second time in less than a year, Democrat Gov. Bill Ritter is proposing a major tax increase. And just like last time, he doesn’t want to let you vote on it. Taxpayers who have just received their property tax bill could be forgiven for mistaking last year’s tax “freeze” for a tax hike.