The consensus from Treasury is that we would not have any movement at all in tax reform for a minimum of three years — not during the remainder of President Bush’s term and not during the presidential campaign.
Christmas in America is an exuberant display of human ingenuity, capitalist productivity and the enjoyment of life. Yet all of these are castigated as “materialistic.” The real meaning of the holiday, we are told, is assorted Nativity tales and altruistic injunctions (e.g., love thy neighbor) that no one takes seriously.
When County Commissioner Sallie Clark, referring to the county’s latest budget woes, said, “It’s nobody’s fault. It is what it is,” she was dancing around the facts.
City government is not an autonomous force. It’s not a self-contained biosphere. It is, however, a foundational part of the Colorado Springs community. Businesses, nonprofits, service organizations and schools work together to create our community. There are times when we must depend on each other, and there are times when we collectively gain from mutual collaboration.
Not having culled through my “probably worth scribbling a word or two about in a column” stack of papers, I thought it might be time to see what I’ve been missing. One news release really caught my eye. It came from our friends at Office Team and sported the following headline: “Did I just say that?” Survey reveals biggest job search mishaps.
It’s nice to see that the Downtown Partnership and the Greater Downtown Business Improvement District are going to subsidize the Colorado Springs Police Department and rid downtown of its homeless population. According to an e-mail sent to “Downtowners” from the Downtown Partnership, the groups have decided to get tough with the “escalating presence of the street population in downtown” by hiring “off-duty police officers to patrol the downtown area.”
Congress will soon begin debating about the value of expanding trade with our friends in the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. From the perspective of a former small business owner, the prospect of expanding trade opportunities through the Dominican Republic-Central American Free...
Establishing a stormwater enterprise in Colorado Springs has been discussed for many years. A resident task force worked with city staff in 2005 developing recommendations for the implementation details of such an enterprise. At the end of that process, City Council members voted on Dec. 13, 2005, to create a stormwater enterprise. They then directed staff to take the 10 policy recommendations made by the task force and begin the work needed to implement the enterprise.
During the last year, we have been seeking to educate the public about the current state of our stormwater drainage system and the needs that exist within that system. City staff and resident task forces have been looking for ways to fund those needs for several years. With a backlog of almost $300 million in capital improvement project needs, including $66.5 million in critical needs, it was clear that the general fund could not properly address the problems.
Time and again, Enron executives placed their wishes above the facts. And as they experienced failure after failure, they deluded themselves into believing that any losses would somehow be overcome with massive profits in the future.
“Any nation that does not honor its heroes will not long endure.” – President Abraham Lincoln Memorial Day is a day unlike any other. It is a day that we, as a nation, pause to honor our fallen servicemen and women and try to understand the extent of their sacrifice.
I know what I miss most about the Gulf Coast (aside from a large body of navigable water): long, straight, flat roadways. I experienced this epiphany a couple weeks ago while driving a 26-foot Penske moving truck from Colorado Springs to California. If I never see another road sign indicating 6 percent or 7 percent grade, or how far away the next runaway truck pull-off is, it will be too soon.