I spent Monday morning at the office. I know it was technically a holiday, but I wanted to try to clean off my desk and start the New Year without being buried under the stack of papers that I had accumulated in 2005. And I wasn’t the only person working in our building. Tom Hoff, who has the office across the hall, was also wrapping up a couple of loose ends. Tom does polygraphs and investigations – it means he’s always got an interesting story or two to tell.
I just read your recent article regarding cyclists and motor vehicle operators sharing the road. I fail to appreciate your attempt at humor on a topic that is not only serious, but that has killed and injured numerous people right here in Colorado Springs.
Because of this, you should determine whether you qualify for the federal tax credit relating to energy efficient improvements if you have purchased a new home or improved your home during 2007.
We’ve been impressed and reassured by the men and women that President-elect Barack Obama has appointed to senior positions in the new administration.
With the election season ramping up, I thought I’d take a moment to hopefully alleviate any confusion that might arise about comments/endorsements/criticisms of political candidates/issues in CSBJ. The paper’s official position about issues affecting the business community appears every week under the “At Issue” header. The editorial is unsigned because it represents the view of the editorial board and the paper as a whole, not any single individual.
For the briefest of moments I forgot about all the advice that Allan has dispensed. I was an emotional investor, caught up in the euphoria of the deal, blinded by feeling and oblivious to fact.
Have you thought about what your business will be worth and how you will convert that value into cash when its time to retire? There are many exit strategies available. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t plan for the event, or assume that only one of these strategies is the only option. Business owners should begin well in advance of their desired exit and consider the many options that may exist. Once a strategy is chosen, careful planning is vital to ensure the business is prepared and positioned to achieve the best results for the chosen exit strategy.
Say goodbye to another tiny bit of personal liberty. Colorado is joining the ranks of 12 other states in legislating where smokers can and cannot light up. It appears that our elected officials don’t think that business owners are bright enough to determine whether it is in the best interest of their respective bottom lines to operate smoke-free or smoker-friendly establishments.
I recently cleaned out my closet and discovered an outfit that I last wore to my 10-year reunion. Let’s just say that my 20th has come and gone, so finding that outfit was a surprise. It then occurred to me, “What can an organization carry in its human resources area that hasn’t been looked at in over 10 years?”
Not only do price increases encourage future production, but without such price increases, we would very quickly see shortages as customer demand for cheap gasoline far outstripped the available supply.
What kind of title is this? Actually, it was the title of a section of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway’s just released annual report. I figure, if it’s good enough for the world’s greatest investor, it’s good enough for me. In this report, Buffet tells a fable about a wealthy American family prospering as the family business grows.
Last week I had a couple of interesting interactions with public relations professionals. Because I quite often use this space to subtly moan and groan about what I think is wrong with the PR industry, I’ll save everyone the time of having to read about yet another public relations practitioner who, at least in my humble opinion, doesn’t really “get it” and didn’t make a very good impression for the organization being represented.