Nearly half of all small-business owners surveyed by KeyBank will delay retirement. Shawn Cole, district retail leader for Colorado, said a poll of 976 small-business owners showed contradictions between finances and retirement planning. Many small-business owners are putting most of their emphasis on the business and its immediate concerns, while tending to ignore long-term planning.
Back in the good, old days — say, last year — when prices were reduced on just about anything, people would buy. Gee, I’ve always wanted a wireless doorbell. But now that fear is pervasive, consumers and investors turn and run when they see a sale — odd, isn’t it? But stocks and bonds are currently on sale, and shrewd investors will defy their fear — and buy.
Although some economists thought the U.S. housing market’s crisis wouldn’t affect the world’s economy, Bill Greiner, chief information officer of UMB Asset Management, thought otherwise. “We’ve always been skeptical of the de-linking concept — 28.1 percent of world nominal gross domestic product is in the U.S. — and we represent 40 percent of total world-wide consumer demand,” he said.
The President’s Identity Theft Task Force has released its strategic plan for combating identity theft. The plan provides information about identity theft awareness, prevention, detection and prosecution. The three areas of focus include:
Having a “diversified” portfolio is all the buzz, said David Twibell, executive vice president and director of wealth management for Colorado Capital Bank, but it can’t be random or haphazard — it has to be smart diversification. “People think they’re diversified if they have 100 different stocks. But if 95 percent of them are U.S.
What are the benefits of having nontraditional assets in your portfolio? Ted Schwartz, president of Capstone Investment Financial Group Inc., discussed these benefits and other investment topics during the Financial Planning Association’s financial forum at the DoubleTree Hotel. Schwartz uses some of the concepts of university endowment models to lower volatility or increase returns, especially for retirement income portfolios.
“We’re watching history being made, and we’re living it,” said Hans F. Olsen, chief investment officer of private client services at J.P. Morgan Chase Bank. “For those of you new to the financial world, you are getting the trial by fire of a lifetime.” The audience laughed. Olsen was keynote speaker at J.P. Morgan’s financial seminar April 24 at Cheyenne Mountain Resort.
Entrepreneurs have marketable ideas, perhaps a few prototypes and plenty of chutzpah — but, invariably, they need capital. Chris Blees, chief executive officer of BiggsKofford P.C. and a founding member of High Altitude Investors, gave a presentation about private company access to capital markets to entrepreneurs and investors during this month’s Peak Venture Group meeting.
When it comes to owning a medical practice, managing finances can be a little tricky. “In health care — unlike, let’s say, retail where you’re paid at the point of purchase — you’re not paid for maybe a month or more after you provide the services or the treatment,” said...
Chase bank has launched an interactive TV commercial that allows watchers to use their remotes to extend the commercial’s air time. For those of you that just can’t get enough of banking and credit card pitches, this might sound like a good thing, but beware, the commercials weren’t created for your viewing enjoyment alone — they’ll be used to gather socioeconomic information about your household.
The Compass Bank Colorado Business Leaders Confidence Index dipped from 55.6 to 47.9 for the fourth quarter of 2007. National economic performance, along with pessimism about hiring and capital expenditures, drove the index to a record low.
“Rarely do ‘experts’ make the biggest contributions. People who are innovative and not limited by industry norms and preconceived notions are often those who break barriers and forge advances,” said Laura Benjamin, president of Pinehurst Press Ltd.