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For over 40 years, Leadership Pikes Peak (LPP) has been the premier community leadership development organization serving the Pikes Peak region. Leadership Pikes Peak was founded in 1976 under the name Citizens’ Goals for the Colorado Springs Community, but has since been rebranded. Leadership Pikes Peak began with a simple goal in mind – build a thriving community through leadership and service: Engage. Enrich. Empower. Connect. The organization is a nonprofit aimed at helping several business communities including experienced professionals, young professionals, women, and teens. Programs can last anywhere from a quick four months to a more in-depth ten months and each focus on providing skills, knowledge, and connections.

Leadership Pikes Peak does more than empower just the individual. This organization creates community leaders invested in making the Pikes Peak region a better place to live, work, and play. Therefore, their reach extends beyond the 2600 program graduates. Dr. Hillary Reed has been the Executive Director of Leadership Pikes Peak for 4 years. She also graduated from two of LPP’s programs: Leadership Now and Signature. Reed spoke about the impact Leadership Pikes Peak has on the community, “[The most gratifying part is] seeing our program participants find their passion, purpose and "why" as they go through the program.” She continued, “They may come in day one and not really know how or where to get involved and by graduation they have grown and blossomed. It is so gratifying to see them find their place in our community.”

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Leadership Pikes Peak is currently accepting applications for Signature and Leadership Now, but they also offer programs like Women’s Community Leadership Initiative and Experience the Springs. The latter is a class for people new to the Pikes Peak Region and it allows them to learn about the history, infrastructure, and unique facets of the area. For those wanting to get involved with LPP, the best place to start is by going through a program or serving on a Steering Committee for one of the programs. Established professionals can volunteer their time by speaking at one of the program’s industry days. As a small nonprofit, Leadership Pikes Peak is always looking for community members to donate their time, talent, and resources in order to keep tuition costs affordable.

Moving forward, Leadership Pikes Peak is hoping to grow in the upcoming year. Each year, LPP aims to connect more potential community leaders and help them find their place, while also continuing to build a thriving community through leadership and service of their alumni. In 2021, Reed said LPP is specifically focusing on, “connect[ing] our alumni with organizations where they can make a difference.” To learn more about Leadership Pikes Peak, head to and look for opportunities to get involved in building a better community.

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