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What kind of difference can an auto dealer, electric company, an art gallery, a hospital, a newspaper, a home builder and a classical and jazz radio station make on the life of a child in our region?  The answer- more than we may ever know or understand.

Imagine writing a check for a significant amount through your marketing budget that affords you the opportunity for high quality visibility that you wish as well as that meaningful social impact.  The 16th Note Society group of individuals, corporate and small businesses who support the Colorado Springs Conservatory (CSC).  In return, each industry exclusive partner is afforded notoriety in a myriad of ways- social, print, events- to name a few.

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The Mission of the Colorado Springs Conservatory is to inspire, motivate and challenge students to aspire to their highest potential as artists and human beings through arts immersion studies and community arts advocacy.  Since 1994, the CSC has been bringing the joy of music and theater studies as well as performance opportunities to tens of thousands of young people ages birth through 19. Students come from a 100 mile radius on a weekly basis.  Audiences from across the region, state and country have heralded the fine work of the students who present over 300+ outreach performances each year.  Community programs include music programs for young adults with special needs, military members and their families and agencies such as El Paso County DHS. 100% of the students who remain with their conservatory studies graduate high school and gain entrance to the higher learning institutions of their choosing. And the best part-more and more alumni are returning to the Pikes Peak region to work, contribute and continue to help build our city!

The state’s only non- auditioned preparatory program, the CSC supports creative learning experiences for thousands of young people. Aside from garnering amazing artistic skills, giaing entrance to our nation’s most prestigious higher learning institutions, students experience life skills that make all the difference as to their success as adults: confidence, resilience, self-efficacy, the ability to collaborate and think creatively with a team.  CSC is home to 75+ of the region’s most inspiring mentor/artist teachers. An award-winning environment that champions the creative essence of each individual student.

During COVID the CSC has expanded its programming to include virtual, live stream, pre- recorded, offsite and the incredible early childhood program Simple Gift Series now airing on RMPBS. These are the times that have truly recognized how important that creative outlet and connection to creativity are to the human spirit. 

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A parent of one of the teenage students says, “Thanks to CSC, this has been his one sole socialization outlet. Right now, it's all about survival and maintenance, but CSC always seems to put some joy back into his weird teenage life. Thank you  for taking an unprecedented squall of unpredictability, and being a beacon in the night.”  

Why would you not want to support a program with such impact right here, in the Pikes Peak region?  Consider joining such esteemed businesses as Red Noland Auto Group, Classic Homes, KCME & 943 Jazz, the Lawrence Dryhurst Gallery, the Gazette, Children’s Hospital Colorado, Encore Electric and of course, the Colorado Springs Business Journal.  We would love to include all sectors on this roster of incredible group of folks that has made life long impact on so many at the CSC.   

For more information contact Linda Weise, Founding CEO at for more about the 16th Note Society.  Log onto for an overview of all the programs offered- CSC is now enrolling for Spring and Summer 2021 classes and lessons.  Hope to have the privilege to share our work with you and your business.

— This branded content advertisement was paid for by the Colorado Springs Conservatory.