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Polis calls Dakota Promise a model for Colorado

By Regan Foster A first-in-the-state partnership between Harrison School District 2, Pikes Peak Community College and a pair of private foundations sets a precedent for closing...
Jody Barker

Barker is a resource for seniors

Jody Barker is used to being recognized. After more than 20 years working in the Colorado Springs senior services field, he still answers work-related questions...

Gallegos-Pardo confronts stereotypes at PPCC

Ben Gallegos-Pardo has experienced the stereotyping that, as coordinator of diversity, equity and inclusion at Pikes Peak Community College, he’s seeking to overcome. “Yes, there’s...

small business

Tamarack Ranch gives horses space to roam

A handful of boarders have gathered at Tamarack Ranch in Fountain on a December afternoon. It’s a clear and unseasonably warm day, and the mountains...

pueblo business

Pueblo plant helping to destroy last chemical weapons

One of the last stockpiles of chemical weapons remaining in the United States is being methodically destroyed in southern Colorado, bit by bit. The Pueblo...

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