The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment reports 8,486 regular initial unemployment claims were filed the week ending July 18.

There were also 7,912 Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) claims filed for the same week, CDLE reported July 23. Since mid-March, a total of 502,057 regular unemployment initial claims have been filed and a grand total of 646,797 claims, including federal PUA benefits.

Initial claims are claims filed to establish benefit eligibility. Initial claims are considered a reliable leading indicator of economic activity.

CDLE also announced it has paid out over $3.7 billion in unemployment benefits since March 29. That amount includes regular unemployment benefits, and those filing PUA claims and Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (PUC) claims, which provides eligible claimants an extra $600 in federal benefits each week.

El Paso County had 1,026 regular initial unemployment claims filed the week ending July 4, and 21,093 regular continued unemployment claims for the same week.

Other county-level initial and continued unemployment claims data released Tuesday for the week ending July 4 is available here.

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State-level data for benefits paid since March 29:

Regular UI: $1.30 billion

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance
(gig workers/self-employed): $428.6 million

Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation
($600/weekly UI benefits to eligible claimants): about $2.04 billion

Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation
(extends unemployment benefits by up to 13 weeks): $748,000

Total: $3.77 billion

Top 10 industries with highest initial claims for week ending July 4th 

  1. Accommodation and Food Services: 825 (11.5 percent of claims for week)
  2. Healthcare and Social Service: 772 (10.8 percent)
  3. Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services: 764 (10.7 percent)
  4. Retail Trade: 645 (9.0 percent)
  5. Education Services: 561 (7.8 percent)
  6. Professional and Technical Services: 536 (7.5 percent)
  7. Manufacturing: 531 (7.4 percent)
  8. Construction: 491 (6.9 percent)
  9. Transportation and Warehousing: 340 (4.7 percent)
  10. Wholesale Trade: 283 (4.0 percent)

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