Air Pros USA has acquired another Colorado Springs-based heating and cooling company Wright Total Indoor Comfort, becoming one of the largest HVAC service providers in the city.

As part of the acquisition, Air Pros USA is adding nearly 50,000 new customers and 15 vehicles to its growing base of over 600,000 customers and 200 vehicles nationwide. 

Air Pros USA will assist with all warranties and guarantees made under the Wright Total Indoor Comfort LLC entity, and expects to retain the staff and technicians.

“Wright Total Indoor Comfort is one of the oldest and most reliable air conditioning service brands in the Colorado Springs area and we’re proud to have partnered with them,” Air Pros USA founder Anthony Perera said in a news release.

“We are extremely impressed with their customer-centric approach which perfectly aligns with our brand philosophy of putting customers first. As part of our partnership, we will be retaining the Wright brand name, to honor their legacy of community service since 1939.”

Founded in Florida in 2017, Air Pros USA acquired its first business in Colorado Springs, Climate Solutions LLC, in January. 

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