GoCOS! app

The city of Colorado Springs has launched a new, free mobile app for residents and businesses to quickly contact the city, report problems and request services.

GoCOS! aims to improve on its predecessor, the GoCoSprings app, which malfunctioned from April to July, delaying the city’s response to more than 2,000 resident reports.

The GoCOS! app, which debuted Nov. 14, is designed so that users can easily notify the city about issues and for city staff to quickly respond. The city relies on community members to report issues such as potholes, vandalism, streetlight and traffic signal outages and other problems so that they can be fixed.

The new app eliminates repetitive data entry for the city’s No. 1 request type: potholes. GoCOS! transfers data directly to the Public Works system, so staff no longer have to manually transfer tickets from one system to another. This improves efficiency and gives accurate, accountable data on response and resolution times.

Other frequently-reported issues include dead animals, hazardous street debris, graffiti, litter and trash, traffic issues, and sidewalk, curb and gutter problems, all of which can be reported through the app.

Users can log in to view their submitted tickets and track the progress of their reports, and see where similar concerns have been reported in their area.

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The new app also improves accessibility for people with disabilities; according to the city, people using assistive technology will find GoCOS! easier to use than the previous system.

Machine translation makes the app inclusive to non-English speakers. On the city’s website, iPhones and Android devices, GoCOS! and the city’s response to the user are presented in the language of the user’s device.

GoCOS! has updated and intuitive navigation and search capabilities, according to the city, and can be easily adapted to respond to city events, incidents and marketing opportunities. The “Places” feature helps the user locate city services and places of interest in Olympic City USA.

The new app also gives residents, businesses and visitors with a way to connect with city departments, the mayor and City Council.

Over the past year, the city sought feedback from a range of community groups on how they want to use the app. Going forward, the city will keep reconfiguring the app based on user feedback.

The GoCOS! app can be downloaded via the city’s website or by searching “GoCOS!” in the Apple and Android app stores.