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A new study ranks Colorado Springs among the nation’s top 40 places to celebrate Halloween.

New York took the top spot, followed by Los Angeles, Boston, San Diego and Las Vegas.

At No. 39, Colorado Springs was the state’s highest-ranking city, followed by Denver at No. 59 and Aurora at No. 68, according to the study released last week by financial website WalletHub.

The report compared the nation’s 100 largest cities across 21 metrics ranging from costume stores per capita, to average price per Halloween party ticket, to share of potential trick-or-treat stops.

The average U.S. household is expected to spend $86.27 on Halloween expenses this year, from decorations to treats to costumes. Collectively, that’s about $8.8 billion, according to WalletHub.

“And if you’re counting on getting more free treats in return for your investment, you’ll definitely want to be in a place with the most activities,” the report states.

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Colorado Springs ranked No. 40 among trick-or-treater friendliness, which considered a city’s potential trick-or-treaters, potential trick-or-treat stops, population density, walk score, crime rate, motor vehicle crash-related pedestrian fatality rate, and perception of safety while walking alone during the daylight and night hours.

The Springs came in at No. 51 in the “Halloween fun” category, which considered factors ranging from Halloween costume stores per capita, and bars and dance clubs per capita.

In the weather category — Halloween temperature vs. average temperature, and forecasted Halloween night precipitation — Olympic City USA came in at No. 19.

For the full report, see https://wallethub.com/edu/best-cities-for-halloween/7785/.