Construction is underway on Phase 3 of Colorado Springs Airport’s $5 million post-fire rebuild and modernization.

The rehabilitation of the airport’s first floor will include new flooring and paint, LED lighting, as well as raised ceilings, updated restrooms and new escalators, according to a news release issued by Colorado Springs Airport.

The airport will temporarily relocate rental car counters during construction, but COS officials do not expect the project to hinder travelers’ plans, according to the news release.

In April 2018, a construction crew working with propane torches accidentally sparked a massive rooftop blaze which halted flights for a day. A terminal modernization program —  already in the works before the fire — was brought forward after the disaster, and rebuilding and renovation efforts have been underway since last year.

Phase 1, which repaired and renovated third-floor offices, wrapped up in September 2018. Phase 2, which covered the second floor, was completed in December, with airline ticket counters moving out of their temporary positions in January.

Phase 3, which also includes the baggage claim areas, is slated for completion by the spring of 2020 — about a year later than original projections.

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“This construction project will bring a fresh look to the first floor and bring consistency and fluidity to the rest of the terminal design,” said Greg Phillips, director of aviation for the airport.

COS will post construction alerts on and provide updates on social media.