The city of Colorado Springs’ GoCoSprings App malfunctioned from April to July, delaying the city’s response to more than 2,000 resident reports.

The delayed reports were for several different departments, according to a news release issued by the city this morning, including non-emergency reports to Colorado Springs Police Department, Neighborhood Services, Forestry and Public Works. The error was discovered earlier this month.

The free app aims to give residents an efficient way to report issues such as potholes and downed trees.

In response to the malfunction, Public Works has shifted crews to ensure prompt response to the delayed requests — 900 of which were pothole requests. Prior to the outage, the release stated, crews were repairing reported potholes in an average of nine days from the date of the initial request.

“The GoCoSprings app is by far the most efficient way to report potholes and other issues, and as evidenced by the number of reports we receive, residents are using it frequently. These reports are very helpful to the city, and we certainly want people to keep sending them in,” Travis Easton, Public Works director for the city, said in the release. “We are getting this news out today, because we recognize that people were probably frustrated when they didn’t get a response. That’s not the norm. We want everyone know that the app is back up and running and is still the most effective way to report, and that we are taking swift action to complete the backlogged requests.”

The city is preparing to release an updated version of the app in the next few weeks that will further improve efficiency, according to the release. The new app will be called “GoCOS.”

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“We have a way for residents to talk to us, and for us to talk back to them, and that is vital,” Chief Communications Officer Jamie Fabos said in the release. “We have gained great traction with this system, and we want that to continue. The GoCoSprings app is an opportunity for our nearly 475,000 residents to be our eyes and ears — and make a real difference in improving our community. Our message today is please keep doing it — please keep using the app. We will respond.”

The app is available via free download on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and via desktop.

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  1. Anyone who ever believed that the City would follow through on fixing the streets was dreaming. The Republican administration did what Republicans have done all over this country. They get your money and forget about you. It was obvious the City took any excuse they could find and dropped this chore. What they did instead is the mystery. But the likely answer is – nothing.

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