As a projected 841,000 Coloradans gear up for a busy July 4 holiday, experts say the state’s falling gas prices are following a nationwide trend.

With gas prices down 20 percent nationwide from this time last year, filling up at the pump this summer could mean savings of as much as 25 cents per gallon, AAA Colorado spokesman Skyler McKinley said in a news release Tuesday.

Prices in the Centennial State range from $2.64 in Denver to $3.12 in Vail, according to the release, and those numbers are expected to drop even lower in the coming weeks.

The downside of lower prices is even longer travel times as about 670,000 Colorado drivers take to the highways, leading to delays about four times longer than normal.

“Cheaper prices could entice motorists to take longer trips, or spur those who previously didn’t make travel plans to hit the road at the last minute,” McKinley said.

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