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The Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC announced in a news release that the chamber and Pikes Peak Community College received a grant from the Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment for more than $900,000 to pursue multiple cybersecurity community initiatives, including a cybersecurity defense diversification program.

“The grant is part of a multi-phase effort to strengthen and diversify the region’s growing cyber assets,” the release said.

The community college was the primary recipient of the grant, while the chamber was a sub-recipient, according to the release.

“Cybersecurity has a $1 billion economic impact in the Pikes Peak region,” the release said. “The Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC and Pikes Peak Community College are collaborating to make sure that number is only the beginning for our community — and they’re looking for eligible cybersecurity companies to help them do it.”

According to the chamber, a previous OEA grant “helped define Colorado Springs’ cybersecurity ecosystem and found that a significant number of local cybersecurity companies focus on defense contracts to support the region’s five military installations.”

This second phase of funding will concentrate on helping six to eight defense companies compete on a broader scale for government contracts, the release said, adding funding will also assist in diversifying into the commercial market.

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“This will help the companies weather periods of reduced defense spending and bolster the commercial cybersecurity market,” the release said.

The chamber is partnering with Simon Everett Ltd., a strategic consulting firm that works within the defense and cybersecurity sectors. Offerings, according to the release, will include strategy training and workshops, as well as branding and marketing assistance. The teams will track participants’ outcomes for 12 months post-engagement.

“The Chamber & EDC is currently looking for Colorado Springs-based defense contractors that provide cybersecurity products or services in support of the Department of Defense to participate in the program,” the release said.

To apply, download the application and follow submission instructions. Additional information can be found at