Stakes vary among local nonprofits when it comes to cyber vulnerabilities. Breaches could mean significant impacts to mission and contributions.
Stakes vary among local nonprofits when it comes to cyber vulnerabilities. Breaches could mean significant impacts to mission and contributions.

Discover Goodwill of Southern & Western Colorado and Goodwill Industries of Denver have finalized a merger between the two organizations. The merger was effective June 3.

Discover Goodwill, based in Colorado Springs, and Goodwill Industries of Denver will maintain their current administrative offices, retail stores, donation centers and other localized programs that together serve more than 100,000 individuals throughout Colorado each year.

Both organizational boards approved the merger, and with the Goodwill Industries International Board of Directors approval of the consolidation of territory, the two organizations will combine operations immediately, according to a Goodwill-issued news release.

Operating as one organization will allow both regions to leverage their collective expertise in community programming to expand Goodwill’s mission of employment placement and job training across the state and help more Coloradans with disadvantages to achieve greater independence.

The combined organization will serve all 64 counties in Colorado with localized career development programming, 43 retail stores, four outlets and 12 stand-alone donation centers, employing more than 2,800 workers.

The co-chairs for the combined board of directors strongly support the merger and are looking forward to what it means for the people of Colorado.

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“This is an exciting step for Goodwill and great news for the communities we serve,” said Co-Chairman Phil DeVries, formerly board chair of Discover Goodwill of Southern & Western Colorado, in the release. “This decision will help us impact more lives of Coloradans who truly need our services and ultimately provide an improved shopping experience for Goodwill patrons and supporters across the state.”

“The primary motivation for this merger is to help more people,” Co-Chairman Dan May of Discover Goodwill Denver said in the release. “We’ve been serving people in Colorado for 100 years. We believe that combining our resources makes good business sense and will create even more opportunities for those we serve for the next 100 years to come.”

Karla Grazier, president and CEO of Discover Goodwill and interim president and CEO of Goodwill Denver since September 2018, will lead the combined organization.

“This merger makes sense on so many levels,” Grazier said in the release. “We will be stronger together and will create a better Goodwill for all of Colorado. We’ve already initiated improvements and renovations at several stores. Thanks to our combined resources and continued emphasis on customer satisfaction, our customers can look forward to even more improvements very soon.”

Moving forward as one organization will result in more efficient processes and stewardship of the donations entrusted to Goodwill by the community.

For example, the organizations have already combined e-commerce operations — now processing all Colorado-based online auction items listed on from one location.

With one combined organization in Colorado, there are now 159 independent Goodwill organizations in the United States and Canada with service territories defined by Goodwill Industries International.