The cone zones motorists love to hate are appearing again this summer as the fourth year of 2C-funded paving operations shifts into high gear.

But they indicate progress on nearly 175 lane miles of city streets that will be repaved this summer, Mayor John Suthers said at a kickoff event May 24 on Austin Bluffs Parkway.

The paving operations will focus on heavily traveled collector and arterial roads. The list this year includes streets including Austin Bluffs; Palmer Park Road; Dublin, Union and Rockrimmon boulevards; and Briargate Parkway.

“With the third year of historic road work under voter-approved Ballot Measure 2C in the books and the fourth season now starting, we remain committed to improving the trajectory of our city’s transportation infrastructure,” Suthers said. “We have already repaved nearly 700 miles of roadway under 2C, but in a city with more than 5,900 lane miles and counting, much work remains to be done.”

You can find out if a major street near your business or home will be impacted by viewing the 2019 2C overlay list here.

Voters passed ballot measure 2C in 2015. The measure imposed a 0.62 percent sales tax, which is generating about $50 million a year devoted solely to roadway infrastructure repairs.

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Replacing or repairing concrete is an essential part of roadway maintenance that protects streets from deterioration. About 50 percent of 2C funds are dedicated to repairing or replacing sidewalks, curbs and gutters. The improvements also add pedestrian ramps and create passable routes that meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards.

Besides resurfacing 677.54 lane miles of roads from 2016-2018, the city also completed significant concrete work, including 491,299 linear feet of curb and gutter (about 93 miles), 1,031,067 square feet of sidewalk (equaling nearly 18 football fields) and more than 3,400 new and retrofitted pedestrian ramps.

The city has contracted again with Martin Marietta Materials and Schmidt Construction to pave an estimated 174.45 lane miles for the 2019 paving season, which will bring the four-year total to 851.99 lane miles.

The city likely will exceed its goal of repaving 1,000 lane miles of roadway by the end of 2020, according to a May 2 news release.

Concrete work also continues this year with the same local companies that have provided pre-overlay concrete work since 2016. Those companies are AA Construction Company Inc.; Blue Ridge Construction Inc.; CMS of Colorado Springs Inc.; Even-Preisser Inc.; and Trax Construction Inc.

Planned concrete work for 2019 is on schedule and projected to be complete in late summer. Upon completion of the 2019 concrete program, crews will focus on the 2020 list as funds are available.

Crews will conduct concrete repair work simultaneously with paving operations as weather permits.