Colorado Springs boasts more than 300 days of sunshine a year, a young, active, outdoor community, thousands of acres of parks and open spaces and miles and miles of bike lanes, trails and routes.  This June 26, Colorado Springs joins with other cities across our state to participate in Bike to Work Day and hosts a Corporate Challenge to encourage companies to support their employees in developing long-term multi-modal transportation habits.

As cities grow and become more congested with automobile traffic, Bike to Work Day provides an incentive for individuals and businesses to give alternative transportation a test ride.  Participating in Bike to Work Day during one of the most beautiful times of year for our region, many people are seeing bicycle transportation in a new light.  And with our region’s reputation for fitness and wellness, Bike to Work Day and the Corporate Challenge are a natural fit for our active community.

Colorado Springs consistently ranks at or near the top of lists of the top places to live, raise a family and build a career.  It’s no longer just enough to offer career opportunity, lifestyle is generally one of the top-ranked criteria in choosing where to live.  Companies are recognizing that to hire and retain top talent, they must provide more than just the basics.  As more companies move to our region and existing companies expand, competition for talent is intensifying.  And companies are finding that salary and benefits are no longer the only drivers in career decisions.  Company culture matters, commitment to employee health and wellness matters, and lifestyle matters.

In 2018 nearly 50 companies participated with more than 1300 individuals on bikes that morning. Partner organizations and businesses served free breakfast at 27+ locations throughout the city.  And people had fun.  Companies called each other out to see who could garner the most participation.  Employees rode into the office together.  Management and staff challenged each other.  People got outside and experienced the region at a different pace, from a different angle.

“In our family, we have a saying that ‘there is never a bad day when we’re on our bikes,” says Beth Haney, co-owner of Colorado Mortgage and second-year participant of the Corporate Challenge, “during the summer months, we regularly commute to work by bike if we can help it; it makes us feel healthier. We love Bike to Work Day because it brings attention to this activity on a larger scale, even people who don’t bike to work become more aware of others on bikes, the bike lanes, and the idea that you can commute to work using something other than a car.

The 2019 Bike to Work Day Corporate Challenge matches companies of similar size in four different categories.  Success is measured by a weighted “effort index” that takes into account the percentage of participating employees as well as other factors.  Winning companies will receive a custom-designed commemorative award. To participate in the Corporate Challenge, visit or email for more information.

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—2019 Bike to Work Day Committee