El Paso County has the second-worst hail and windstorms in Colorado, based on monetary damage, according to new rankings released by Allstate insurance company.

According to the the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, hailstorms have led to claims of more than $3 billion over the past few years. Last year, Colorado saw severe weather with record damage and insurance claims. One June 2018 hailstorm caused about $169 million in insured losses in southern Colorado alone.

Allstate ranked the top 10 Colorado counties with the most hail/wind claims from 2018 as follows.

  1. Adams
  2. El Paso
  3. Weld
  4. Boulder
  5. Arapahoe
  6. Jefferson
  7. Larimer
  8. Denver
  9. Douglas
  10. Broomfield

To protect your home and minimize hail damage:

  • Have routine roof inspections done specifically in the spring and fall. Allstate recommends hiring a professional to check your roof to help spot any potential problems.
  • Invest in impact-resistant materials (identified as Class 3 or Class 4). Asphalt shingles, which are commonly used, typically come in both Class 3 and 4 designations.
  • Protect your windows with shutters. There are a lot of options, from pre-installed permanent systems that roll down or slide over windows, to temporary panels that you can store when they’re not in use. If a storm is approaching, close drapes and blinds to help reduce your risk of injury from broken glass or flying debris.
  • Shelter your landscape. Maintain the health of your trees. If a storm is approaching, bring patio furniture and outdoor equipment into an enclosed space. Protect your garden by making a canopy out of a tarp or blanket.

 To protect yourself and your car during a hail storm:

  • If hailstorms are forecast, pull your cars, boats, recreational vehicles and other vehicles into a garage, covered parking lot or other protected area (like a carport).
  • If caught in your car during a hailstorm, find an area where it’s safe to pull over and stop driving.
  • Stay in your vehicle until the hail completely stops.
  • Avoid the vehicle’s windows and cover your eyes with something in case the windows shatter. If you are able, try getting onto the floor face down or lying on your seat facing away from windows.
  • Protect small children from windows (with your body) and cover their eyes.

Finally, be sure you know what insurance coverage you have in place before a disaster strikes. Allstate recommends conducting an insurance review with an agent at least once a year.

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