Kyle John Forti was born and raised in Indiana. He graduated Hillsdale College with a degree in political science in 2012 and founded Peak Political Solutions in 2013. His work in political consulting evolved into the co-founding of D/CO Consulting, a political and public relations firm based in Denver, Colorado. He worked for and managed the campaigns of many politicians in Colorado, including former Secretary of State Wayne Williams of Colorado Springs. He was known as a prolific figure in Colorado politics. In 2014, he was named to Red Alert Politics “50 under 30.” Kyle had a passion for humanity and the human soul, and this was best seen in his championing of foster children alongside his wife Hope, who founded Foster Together Colorado. Kyle was a husband, father to Max, and friend first. He was an adventurer and lover of Mary Oliver. Kyle sought and fought for the best for his community. He was lost in a helicopter crash in Kenya on March 3, 2019.

The Colorado Springs Business Journal honors him for his accomplishments, his dedication to community, his love of Colorado.

— Shawn Gullixson