Alex Belding moved to the Pikes Peak region in 2015, for the simplest of reasons — his spouse, Samantha Nemecek-Belding, had just taken a job as sports performance manager for USA Fencing.

Alex, who was living in northern Colorado, was delighted.

“I wasn’t that happy with Denver,” he said, “and I was glad to come here.”

Restless, innovative and fatally entrepreneurial, Belding had hopscotched from company to company for several years.

“I kept modernizing things everywhere I get involved,” he said. “At Bill & Paul’s Sporthaus I brought a 50-year-old, second-generation family business into the world of eCommerce and social media. I modernized and improved a functioning eCommerce web-store at Ageless Aesthetics and improved sales by 200 percent.”

Arriving in Colorado Springs, Belding took a job with Frontier Business Products, a $17 million, 40-year-old statewide copier/printer/business services company and was tapped to lead the newly formed managed network services sales division for southern Colorado.

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His experience working with website design, maintenance and growth led him to a new business model that would work for small to intermediate growth companies.

“My Belgian partner, Philippe Bodart, had created WebriQ, a decentralized architecture that’s virtually unhackable,” Belding said. “He had been focused on selling it to developers, but they weren’t interested — it didn’t fit their business model. So I suggested that we cut out the middlemen and sell directly to users.”

Belding explained that most businesses purchase websites under a project-billing model that offers little flexibility to grow and adapt over time. Companies that can’t afford exorbitant servicing and upgrading fees need a new servicing model as well as technologies to future-proof and secure those websites — and that’s what WebriQ aims to provide.

“We’re providing a new category of web design here in Colorado Springs,” said Belding. “We do web design as a service. Businesses can have stunning websites, landing pages and sales funnels without the labor and frustration of DIY tools or the expense of a marketing agency.”

The company presently does business in multiple states, the U.K. and Australia. It’s hopefully “poised to achieve substantial growth in 2019 and 2020 and become a global leader in JAM web development and innovative service models.”

Belding has also been a 1 Million Cups organizer and a sponsor/trail crewmember for the Rocky Mountain Field Institute.

“Alex is someone who pours himself into the local startup community,” said nominator Samuel Thomas Elliott. “He deeply cares about other people and helping them succeed.”

What do you want to be when you grow up?

“I’ll always be an entrepreneur. I’ll never work for anyone else again. I’ve had about 10 jobs, and I’ve gotten fired from half of them. My grandfathers were entrepreneurs — one was a potato broker and the other had a pet cemetery. So I grew up bagging potatoes, operating the pet crematorium and digging graves. I guess it’s in my DNA.”

Editor’s note: The name Phillipe Bodart was originally reported incorrectly.