Yobel Market’s T-shirts say, “Charity doesn’t end poverty, business does.”

And we agree. Create jobs and you’ll create a path out of poverty. Create jobs and companies, you’ll create philanthropists.

Just look at the great work Jim Johnson, CEO of GE Johnson Construction, does through the foundation created by his company. Examine the work of El Pomar, created by a legacy gift from Spencer Penrose. And look at any sponsorship of a nonprofit gala, breakfast or lunch event — all businesses.

But what about people who can’t spend money for a dinner at The Broadmoor, no matter how much the cause resonates with them? Those who don’t have thousands to support the gala? Those who don’t know exactly how to get involved — but want to give their time, their support, their money?

Or consider the nonprofits that are too small to garner the attention of the business community — those with small niches of need they’re trying to fill, with little public awareness and even less money.

We have the answer. For the past 10 years, the Give! Campaign has brought recognition to small local nonprofits and young donors, promoting the idea that everyone and every gift can make a difference in the Pikes Peak region.

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With 93 nonprofits this year, Give! is a year-end giving campaign focused not just on raising money, but on teaching nonprofits the skills necessary to go out and engage new donors and the public in new ways.

With the slogan “Live Here, Give Here,” the campaign reaches out on behalf of smaller nonprofits along with a sprinkling of large, well-known organizations, all of which need an end-of-the-year boost.  The 2018 fundraising goal is $1.8 million, but the big-picture objective is to have fun, do good and make money for these nonprofits. In addition to summer activities that teach about donor relations, earned media and marketing, the winter campaign season is filled with events at breweries, wine tastings, lunches, dinners and more.

Young donors can make an even greater impact because a $10,000 special fund will go toward those organizations with the most donations from young philanthropists — and even small donations count. This year, remember to honor these hard-working groups and those they serve and donate to one (or more) of the nonprofits in Give!

The Business Journal is a proud sponsor of Give! and has supported the campaign since 2012, when John Weiss purchased the paper. Not only did we find local ownership, we found people committed to making Colorado Springs a better place to live, work and play.

That’s a cause worth celebrating this holiday season. Join us. Since you live here, be sure to Give! here.

To find out more about the 93 Give! nonprofits, go to IndyGive.com. 

Disclosure: Give! is the nonprofit civic arm of the Colorado Publishing House (which owns the Business Journal), and CSBJ Publisher Amy Gillentine Sweet is on the Give! Campaign board.