Centura Orthopedics

Surgeons at Centura Orthopedics are now using 3D technology to offer customized, patient knee replacements.

Dr. Ron Royce and his colleagues at Centura Orthopedics, which is housed under Penrose-St. Francis Health Services in Colorado Springs, are among the first in the Pikes Peak region to use 3D-printed replacement joints, according to a Monday press release from the hospital system.

“With orthopedic specialty practice locations in Colorado Springs touting some of Colorado’s most experienced and highly trained orthopedic doctors and spine surgeons, Centura Orthopedics offers the region’s most comprehensive orthopedic care,” the release said.

Centura OrthopedicsThe way the replacement joint works is imaging technology creates a 3D “map” of a patient’s diseased or damaged knee, and then, those images are sent to a 3D printer, which creates wax replicas of the patient’s knee.

“Metal components of each knee replacement are then formed around the replicas — ensuring the proper fit for each patient’s unique anatomy,” the release said. “Clinical studies show this technology can lead to better outcomes compared to ‘off-the-shelf’ knee replacements, which only come in a limited range of standard sizes and must be adapted to fit in the operating room.”

The release said Centura Orthopedics’ surgeons used the 3D-printed replacement joints to help two local high school basketball officials, Darrell Fields and Amy Frenz, who were dealing with debilitating knee pain.

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“Darrell and Amy are both back on the court for their 20th season and can now keep up with their student athletes without pain,” the release said. “They are both excited to share the impact this surgical approach had on their ability to continue working with the Colorado Springs Basketball Official’s Association and Dr. Royce is also available to offer his perspectives on the benefits of this approach and how this technology is changing the current standard of care within the community.”