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Air Force Research Laboratory and the Catalyst Accelerator today announced they will launch a third space technology cohort, focused on innovative Resilient Commercial Space Communications, in April 2019.

According to a news release issued by Catalyst Campus, the semi-residential, 12-week, cohort-based program is hosted by AFRL Space Vehicles Directorate at Catalyst Campus and includes seed investment, network connections, mentorship, workshops and opportunities for future investment and growth.

The accelerator’s mission is to promote technology advancement for the warfighter and guide technology transfer from the commercial market to the government and vice versa, according to the release.

“Catalyst Accelerator is seeking established startups and small businesses with commercial solutions to expand, enhance, reinforce and improve current space communication capabilities,” the release said. The Air Force and Department of Defense are “interested in emerging space assets to integrate into a resilient multi-domain network rather than creating stove-piped solutions for space communications. Current Air Force and DoD space communication challenges include, but are not limited to, robust and cybersecure communications networking solutions, interoperability among existing communications solutions, jam-resistant technology, band exploitation, and solutions for low-likelihood of interception and detection.

“Proposed applicant technologies may be ground-based or space-borne and can involve some combination of hardware devices, software, data products, algorithms, or services.”

Catalyst Accelerator participants will receive immediate capital of $15,000 from Space Capital Colorado, a Catalyst-endowed accelerator fund. Space Capital Colorado may further invest in any of the accelerator companies if they show potential. The program will culminate with a demonstration day at Catalyst Campus in June when each team will pitch to government and commercial investors for an opportunity to raise additional capital or follow-on government funding for further technology development.

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The Catalyst Accelerator is open for applications now through January 30, 2019. The Resilient Commercial Space Communications cohort will kick off in April 2019 with a 12-week, semi-residential curriculum and concludes with a final demo day at the end of June 2019.

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