Letter to the Editor: Criticism misses the mark


To the Editor:

To say that Tracy duCharme’s criticism of Dan Nordberg’s praising of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in your October 19-25 edition misses the mark would be generous in its assumption that it had a mark.

DuCharme hauls in all the usual suspects in her letter, which had that faint odor of organized copy-and-paste smelled before: favors the rich, corporate stock buy-backs, rising healthcare costs, soaring prescription drug costs, big holes in the federal deficit. Your readers deserve better, and I believe my association is uniquely qualified to provide it.

When Congress was cobbling together the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, small business was not even an after-thought until the National Federation of Independent Business warned it would withhold its support unless Main Street enterprises were included in the reforms. That’s how NFIB won a 20 percent deduction for small businesses. And what a boon to the economy that has been.

The gold-standard measurement of America’s small-business economy is NFIB’s monthly Small Business Economic Trends report, which is used by the Federal Reserve, presidential administrations, Congress, state legislatures, and governors across the nation. The report’s Optimism Index is at a 45-year high, as are components within it, such as employee compensation increases, actual job-creation growth, small business profit growth, etc.

This has led to a difficulty small-business owners are now having finding workers, which is a testimony to the strength of the economy. It is in NFIB’s SBET reports where duCharme can find the very best “quantifiable,” “verifiable” data she seeks, not by picking around Bureau of Labor Statistics research as if it were a box of assorted chocolates. Anyone can do this, and anyone can find what they want to back up his or her point.

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Anthony F. (Tony) Gagliardi, NFIB state director