Colorado ranks 6th in the nation for energy efficiency, according to a new report.

New York, Vermont and Utah were ranked as the most energy-efficient states, while Alabama, Louisiana and South Carolina were worst.

The report, “2018’s Most and Least Energy-Efficient States,” released today by finance website WalletHub, compared auto-energy and home-energy consumption across 48 states. (Due to data limitations, Alaska and Hawai’i were not included in the study.)

Key results for Colorado (1 = best; 24 = average) include:
• 7th — home energy efficiency
• 23rd — vehicle-fuel efficiency
• 12th — transportation efficiency.

Apart from Utah, Colorado’s neighboring states did not fare as well. Wyoming ranks 39th for energy efficiency, Kansas is 29th, Nebraska is 34th, New Mexico is 29th and Oklahoma comes in at No. 40.

“According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average U.S. family spends at least $2,000 per year on utilities, with heating and cooling of spaces alone accounting for more than half the bill,” the report stated. “In 2018, the average consumer spent another $1,968 on motor fuel and oil, up $59 from last year.”

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According to the report, Department of Energy estimates show that adopting energy-efficient measures in the home could reduce a family’s utility costs by as much as 25 percent. “As for transportation, the agency found that a more fuel-efficient vehicle could save the average driver about $708 per year,” the report said.

In July, the “2018’s Most & Least Energy-Expensive States” report found Colorado had the nation’s second-cheapest average monthly energy cost — $252, compared with Wyoming, the nation’s most expensive at an average of $372 per month.