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Insurance Technologies started its wellness program in 2013, aiming to foster a workplace environment that supports healthy lifestyle choices by offering inspiration, education, support and activities, empowering employees to take responsibility for their own health.

“Our wellness program offers physical wellness, nutritional wellness, financial wellness and mind and body wellness to our employees to put them on a path to an all-around healthier lifestyle,” said Kristin Wills, vice president of marketing at Insurance Technologies. “We make sure our employees have access to all the tools and resources they need to achieve health and financial wellness.”

Resources include an on-site gym, group fitness and yoga sessions, a weekly walking group, a wellness calendar and newsletter, an employee lounge and outside patio de-stress areas, a summer flexible work schedule, incentive programs, healthy snacks, weekly massage sessions, financial lunch-and-learns and ergonomic workspaces.

“Since the introduction of our wellness program, we have seen a steady increase in employee participation across the different program offerings,” Wills said. “We perform periodic surveys to enlist employee feedback to enhance the program to fit a variety of needs and goals.”   

To date for 2018, the company has had an approximately 80 percent employee participation rate for all of its wellness programs combined.

“When we put our program in place, we wanted to make sure employees never had to sacrifice their health and well-being for work,” Wills said. “We have had employees report that by being able to get a morning/afternoon/evening workout right at the office, they’ve been able to achieve personal fitness goals such as triathlons, half-marathons and weight loss. We wanted to ensure that the cost of joining a local gym was not a deterrent for our employees’ health and fitness goals.”

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Insurance Technologies budgets funding each year for sponsored events, the corporate gym, trainers and lunch and learns, and company leadership participates in most wellness events to encourage employees to invest time in their health and well-being.

Many employees comment that they just “feel better” on a daily basis, thanks to the wellness program, Wills added.

“By taking out the financial stress and time commitment of joining a gym or just removing the strain felt from sitting at a desk all day, our employees have many wellness benefits at their fingertips to help them live a healthier, more well-rounded life.”