Employee health has a direct impact on the well-being of a company.

“Vectrus is a government services contractor, so our greatest assets are our people,” said Frank Peloso, the senior vice president and chief human resources officer, via email. “We believe that good health — from a physical, mental, financial and community perspective — has tremendous positive outcomes not for just the individual, but also for the company culture, employee brand and broader community outreach.”

Vectrus is headquartered in Colorado Springs and became a publicly traded company in September 2014.

The company’s vision is to improve the health and well-being of team members by providing educational resources and activities that facilitate positive behavior change and result in lower health risks, maximized employee relationships and enhanced quality of life.

“As a fairly new company, we had the ability to create our own destiny and set out to build a world-class wellness program that benefits our global employees and ultimately improves health-care costs by fostering employee awareness, encouraging healthy habits, and promoting work/life balance,” Peloso said. “Our program is a holistic approach to well-being that encompasses health initiatives, financial wellness, employee engagement and community involvement — not just here in Colorado Springs but on a global scale.”

Some examples of the company’s wellness initiatives include volunteering, heart-healthy activities, employee assistance program, nutritional planning and tracking, stress management education, financial wellness and group walks.

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“We also created a quarterly step challenge where employee teams compete to see which team can achieve the highest number of steps and the highest average number of steps over the course of the month-long challenge,” Peloso said. “Competition has proven to be a great motivator to get out and exercise.”

Social media pages also were created to encourage Vectrus employees from around the world to participate in wellness initiatives and to interact with each other.

“We have a global Healthy Selfie Challenge in which team members share a picture of how they strive for better well-being each month,” Peloso said, adding Vectrus’ leadership also participates in the company’s wellness activities.

“If an employee makes a choice that improves his/her health and well-being as a result of our focus on wellness, then [leadership] has succeeded,” he said.

Whether a company sells products or services, Peloso believes the “secret sauce” always involves its employees.

“I believe that the long-term benefits of employee health ultimately have a positive impact on a company’s health-care costs, but there is so much benefit beyond lower costs,” he said. “For example, there are many productivity studies that show a strong correlation between an employee’s health and his/her productivity. It simply makes good business sense to focus on your employees — not just their performance while in the office, but in all aspects of their lives.”