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It’s now a little easier for consumers and real estate industry partners to find information about Home Owners’ Associations in Colorado.

The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies Division of Real Estate, which houses the state’s Home Owners’ Associations Information and Resource Center, released a new website Aug. 2 for those seeking information about HOAs.

The center’s website includes DORA’s wise owl with navigation and functionality to help provide a more “user-friendly experience,” according to a press release announcing the website.

Its purpose is to assist consumers and the real estate industry in navigating “the complexities of HOAs” by providing up to date information on laws governing the associations, meeting updates, webcasts and forums and an option to subscribe to an e-newsletter and other HOA related announcements.

New features include:
• Easy access to signup for the HOA e-newsletter
• HOA program calendar
• Links to special webcasts and forums
• Navigation of HOA registration

“Developed with the user experience in mind, the goal is to provide consumers and industry partners an easier way to learn about the center and its services,” the release said.

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The Home Owners’ Associations Information and Resource Center was created in 2010. The state had roughly 8,000 HOAs registered at the end of 2017.

Last year, the center participated in more than 60 HOA gatherings, including senior fairs and town hall meetings.

Go to to visit the center’s new website.