Careers in Construction certifies 177 students


Careers in Construction, a Colorado Springs Housing & Building Association and Associated General Contractors of Colorado nonprofit workforce-development program, certified 177 local area high school students in PACT Core, Plumbing, Green Building, Electrical and Carpentry in the 2017-2018 academic year.

In a news release issued by the CSHBA, CEO Renee Zentz explained what the certifications mean for the future of the CIC program.

“Students are learning soft skills and life skills in addition to trade-specific aptitudes that will allow them to immediately enter the workforce or continue their education,” Zentz said. “Students and their parents are seeing the value of these stackable certificates as evidenced by the growth of the program by over 400 students in the last three years. We are thrilled to see that level of growth so quickly. We believe in these students, and we are willing to invest in them for a better community.”

George Hess, CEO and founder of Vantage Homes and HBA Workforce Development Committee chairman, said the CIC program is benefiting the lives of local area students and the regional economy.

“The opportunity to be involved in a program that is a partnership between our industry and our educators — one which introduces young people to career pathways while at the same time is providing them a lifetime of skills, one which will help fill the long-term skilled labor needs of our country — is a once-in-a-lifetime blessing for me,” Hess said.  “It is personally rewarding to see young people earn these certifications for the skills required to be a future craftsman in the trades so applicable to the industry which has meant some much to me; home building.”

The local building industry has provided $30,000 per year for each school participating in, the CIC program. These funds provide CIC students with industry-grade tools, equipment, curriculum and resources.

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This fall, the CIC program will begin its fourth year with a total of 10 local high schools participating.

The following schools have certified 177 high school students in the 2017-2018 school year: District 2 – Career Readiness Academy, Sierra High School, and Atlas Preparatory School; District 3 – Mesa Ridge High School and Widefield High School; District 11- Mitchell High School; District 49 – Patriot Learning Center and Power Technical Early College.

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