City teams up with car dealers to promote electric vehicles


The city of Colorado Springs recently announced it was partnering with local car dealerships “[i]n an effort to promote sustainable transportation options in Colorado Springs,” a news release said, adding the city’s Office of Innovation & Sustainability has sought out local auto dealers to provide incentives for residents purchasing electric vehicles.

Currently, Nissan is extending its offer of $3,000 off the 2018 Nissan LEAF to Colorado Springs residents through September. Additionally, residents can receive a potential federal tax incentive for up to $7,500 and a Colorado state tax incentive of $5,000.

“We’re excited to be able to offer Colorado Springs residents this opportunity to buy an electric vehicle at a greatly reduced price” said Innovation and Sustainability Manager Ryan Trujillo in the release. “Our hope is that if someone is in the market for a new car, they will consider a more environmentally friendly option, and this is a way we can help make that option more affordable.”

According to the release, “plug-in electric vehicles can save owners money on fuel costs, maintenance costs and reduce emissions that are harmful to the environment. The 2018 Nissan LEAF has a range of 150 miles on one charge.  Colorado is a leader in the EV economy, with the state government planning an extensive fast-charging network of stations throughout the state.”

Residents interested in the program must provide a flyer found on the city’s website at and proof of residence (government issued ID, car registration, utility bill, mortgage, lease, or rental contract) to a participating Nissan dealership.

Other car dealers have been invited to join in the incentive program and can participate by emailing

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