Some believe there are sage business principles found throughout the Bible.

“When you look at the word of God, he has an interest in us succeeding in every area of our lives, including business,” said Karen Conrad, the director of marketing for Andrew Wommack Ministries. “Most people are not called to ministry, so one of the things we look at is living all of our lives on the principle of the kingdom of God and the word of God.”

The three-day Charis Business Summit is returning Monday to Woodland Park for its fourth year, after taking place in Australia and the United Kingdom.

“The purpose really is to equip people to be able to be successful in business and what God has called them to do,” Conrad said. “We want to help show people the way we take business principles that we know work in specific industries and combine them with the wisdom of God — to really bring those things together.”

Charis Bible College is hosting the event, which is sponsored by 7M Ventures. Both nonprofits are part of the Andrew Wommack family of ministries, according to Eileen Quinn, public relations manager.

The summit includes three track options: leadership, real estate and company growth.  Each of those paths then have two workshops, Conrad said, adding topics are Real Estate Mastery; Innovation Growth Strategy; Build a Successful Business Model; Principles of Leadership; Flip or Flop: Maximize Your Real Estate Investment; and Establish Your Organizational Structure.

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“Every year we look at what the needs of businesses are by sending out surveys and try to get an understanding of what people are looking for,” she said. “We have had a lot of entrepreneurs show an interest in coming to the Charis Business Summit, so we have really designed some of these workshops to speak to them.”

Conrad said the summit also is geared toward upper management from large companies.

“For example, maybe someone is a CEO of an organization or a middle manager who is aspiring to move up the corporate ladder into senior leadership, or to become a CEO,” she said. “We have purposely laid out tracks and paths for people in those three situations: entrepreneurs; people aspiring to lead an organization at a high level; and people who have an organization that is functioning but is not reaching the capacity or performing at the high level they would like it to.”

Paul Milligan, the CEO of Andrew Wommack Ministries and director of Charis College’s business school, said the summit’s real estate workshops are “first-class.”

Attendees gather for a plenary session before breaking off for their respective tracks each day.

“That is more of an inspirational and kind of general overview type session where they get to hear from the different speakers,” Conrad said. “This year we have Randy Forbes, who is a former congressman.”

Milligan helped establish Charis College’s business school in 2010. Four years later, he assisted Andrew Wommack in creating the summit.

“I started the school and out of that Andrew decided let’s do a business conference where our partners and other business people come in, and together, basically do three days of workshops and teaching strictly to business people,” he said. “That’s why we focus on business the way we do. One of the interesting things we feel to be true is that God is interested in us changing people’s lives no matter if they are in business or ministry or where they are in the world.”

Religion aside, Milligan said all business professionals stand to benefit from attending the summit.

“There is genuine, quality information distributed and resources and materials that will help people in their businesses whether they are a Christian or not,” he said. “Most people don’t realize the Bible is full of  management principles that a lot of us already use consistently and are successful because [of them].”

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