Food Truck Tuesdays returns today


Foodies’ love affair with food trucks seems to know no bounds — even the upcoming royal wedding is going to include the mobile restaurants’ fare. 

Luckily, for those locals unable to attend the blue-blooded festivities, Food Truck Tuesdays returns today at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum.

The weekly event from 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m. will feature 12 local food trucks, according to a city of Colorado Springs press release. 

Matt Spain, owner of Mateo’s Catering and Personal Chef, called it a “much needed” platform for local food trucks. 

“I did it all last year pretty much,” he said. “It’s really great for marketing and a boost to our income. I think it’s a game changer for us food trucks.”

Downtown workers, tourists and museum goers typically attend the event.

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“Compared to parking outside a brewpub, we definitely get more customers in a lot shorter period of time there,” Spain said. “It’s a really great event and another avenue for us to set up shop.”

Spain customized his food truck in 2013 and mainly parks outside scheduled special events, and the occasional brewery.

“It’s just something I really love to do and have a great time doing,” he said. “We [food truck owners] are really hoping the city will work with us more so we can have more of a presence in downtown and all of Colorado Springs.”

Spain believes a simple menu is the key to success at a larger event like Food Truck Tuesdays. 

“I want to keep up the quality of my food and not try to do too much at one time,” he said. “I specialize in Philly cheese steaks, but I also have my Colorado cheese steak, which comes with the green chili sauce.”

Other food trucks on the 2018 roster include:

Bison Brothers Food Truck

The Cupcake Doctor

Gray’s Sloppers

High Grade Goods

The Hungry Pirate Food Truck

Lucy I’m Home

Patty’s Gourmet Hamburger

Potato Potato

Sapo Guapo Tacos

Smokin’ J’s BBQ

Witty Pork’s Woodfired Pizza

This is the second year the museum and the city of Colorado Springs has hosted Food Truck Tuesdays.

Today’s kick-off event will feature music and a free “Windows Into History” tour at the museum. 

The 2018 season is slated to last 25 weeks and run until Oct. 30.