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Parents, teachers and counselors can have a major impact on a student’s career choices, so the National Cybersecurity Center is launching the “Cyber Careers: What Parents, Teachers and Counselors Should Know” program this summer.

The program will take place from 6:30-8 p.m. June 5 at the NCC, 3650 N. Nevada Ave.

It aims to “highlight the huge need for skilled workers, the kinds of academic foundations students need to prepare for critical careers, common entry-level job descriptions, expected starting salaries, and potential career progression,” according to the NCC’s web site. “The need for coding language mastery and extracurricular opportunities will be explained, and parents will be offered suggestions for supplementing their child’s interest and abilities through toys, games, clubs, activities, and competitions.”

Cyber Careers is designed for parents and teachers of middle- and high-school students, and will explain the cyber workforce demand and the talent gap; the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed; and what jobs will be available for a student’s first career.

Registration is $10, or free for NCC members. For details, contact Mary Graft, the NCC’s director of K-12 cyber education, at or 719-255-5223.