Hurts Donuts

Doughnut or milkshake? Soon Colorado Springs residents won’t have to choose between the two.

“We offer up to 70 different types doughnuts in our case every day, but even better than that, any doughnut we have that day we can make a milkshake out of it where the doughnut is your lid,” said Kas Clegg, who founded Hurts Donuts with her husband, Tim. “The straw goes right through the hole of the doughnut to the milkshake which is of course made with doughnut pieces.”

Hurts Donuts’ first Colorado location is expected to open in the next 30 days at 6165 Barnes Road, Suite 150, in Colorado Springs.

“This will be No. 18 opening, but we have 24 total if you count the locations under construction,” Clegg said.

The location is currently hiring employees with plans to have 80 “doughnut ninjas” on staff prior to its grand opening.

“Eighty would be our very minimum that we hire,” Clegg said. “Our Tulsa location had a 112 employees the day that they opened.”

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Stores typically sell between 17,000 to 24,000 doughnuts on opening day.

“All of our doughnuts are made and decorated by hand, one by one,” Clegg said. “They also are twice as big as normal doughnuts.”

The store will be open 24 hours, seven days a week and eventually will offer delivery all over the Springs.

“We will start delivery in a few months after we really get our heels dug into the ground,” Clegg said. “We have an emergency doughnut vehicle that’s actually an old ambulance that still has the lights and sirens on it that we deliver to events with, and then, we have a MINI Cooper that we call our mini-emergency vehicle and it is painted hot pink with sprinkles on it which we will be delivering anywhere in the Springs.”

Hurts Donuts interior in progress
Hurts Donuts under construction in Colorado Springs.

Hurts locations often partner with neighboring or nearby businesses for what’s called a “One Night Stand” event.

“We work with the other businesses and breweries and will feature one of their special items with one our doughnuts,” Clegg said. “For instance, we recently teamed up with a grilled cheese business and made a grilled cheese doughnut featuring their cheese.”

The company also aims to take an active role in the communities where locations are built.

“When a tragedy strikes in our community, we are always the first to jump and try to support anything that has happened in our community. For example, a police officer lost his life in Quinton, Missouri about an hour from our Springfield location. In a 24-hour period, we raised $39,000 for his wife and son.”

Hurts Donuts also donates each day’s bottled water sales to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

“We are super passionate about giving back to the people who have helped make us successful and helped make our dreams come true,” Clegg said.  “We do a lot of fundraisers in our communities.”

The Springs location is owned by franchisee Justin Bufford, according to Clegg.

“He fell in love with Hurts Donuts when visiting our store in West Des Moines,” she said. “He also really loves Colorado Springs, so he thought it was the perfect opportunity to move somewhere he loved and bring a fun business with him.”