When Amber Lundy isn’t busy helping manage people’s money, she’s doting on her children — both the two- and four-legged varieties.

The 31-year-old is a service center manger for Ent Credit Union, where she’s worked for about nine years.

Lundy has a 7-year-old and 2-year-old as well as three Shar-Peis that take up her time.

The Colorado Springs native also is an avid hockey fan, who enjoys cheering on her husband while he plays in a local recreational league.

She recently sat down with the Business Journal to share her love of the finance industry and Colorado Springs.

What does your job entail?

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I manage one of [the] service center locations or basic branches our members go into to do their transactions, open accounts, do loans and that stuff.

Currently, the location I’m at, I have a pretty big team where I manage about 15 individuals. We have goals we have to meet every month, so I’ve got to find ways to motivate my staff to meet those goals. On top of mentoring my team, it’s also making sure the members’ needs are met. There are days I jump in the teller seat if it’s needed. The majority of it is taking care of my members, my team and following all the rules.

Why do you enjoy working for Ent Credit Union?

The organization itself just takes care of people so well. There is nothing they won’t do for their employees and almost nothing they won’t do for their members. They give us a lot of flexibility and trust. They invest a lot into us. It goes beyond just paying us well and good benefits. They actually pay us to be part of a wellness program and are also very involved with the community. They respect your personal life, and it’s really like a family. You go to work and you’re with people you care about, who treat each other with respect.

Why will the Springs always be home?

I will never leave Colorado Springs. The Springs is amazing. I have, of course, been to some other places, including Washington state temporarily, which tempted me to move a little. It’s beautiful like Colorado, but the variety we have in Colorado Springs is why I wouldn’t want to leave. The outdoors is beautiful. I love our landscape, and there is so much to do. You can just drive to the mountains and feel like you’re away from the entire world.

Are you involved with any local organizations or nonprofits?

I am on the emerging leaders council for Pikes Peak United Way. That is, of course, for emerging young leaders. We use it for networking but also we do a lot of volunteering and events to raise money. In December last year, we were able to bring gifts to the kindergarten through fifth-grade classes at Pikes Peak Prep after raising money and finding sponsorships. Some children there, their parents reached out and said they wouldn’t have gotten a gift for Christmas if it weren’t for us. I also am a member of Colorado Springs Rising Professionals.

What advice do you have for other young professionals?

Just go out there and do it. Don’t be afraid of failing. If you think it’s outside something you can do, still don’t be afraid to try it. If the opportunity is there, I say yes. If I didn’t say yes to opportunities, I wouldn’t be where I am, and I wouldn’t have the knowledge I have. Don’t let anything get in your way and just go for it. Take on the challenge.

What does the future hold?

I know where I am is where I want to be for my whole career. Ent is growing so much, so there is going to be a lot of opportunity with the company. If I decide I want to move up, I know that the opportunity is there. I think the future is great for me.  I just recently transitioned to where I’m managing more people, but the way the credit union is expanding, I know there always is going to be opportunity to move up if and when I want it.