Women’s Chamber launches new leadership program


The Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce kicks off the four-month “Leading From Within” program Feb. 27, aiming to help seasoned women leaders grow, thrive and become more effective.

The program is the joint vision of SCWCC with leadership development firm Wisdom Works, according to the SCWCC web site.

“Leading From Within is going to support seasoned women leaders in Colorado,” Wisdom Works CEO Renee Moorefield said. “I say ‘seasoned’ because this is not a basic management development program. It’s an opportunity for women who have been in leadership for a while — they’re usually directors, VPs, CEOs.

“They are women leaders that are saying to themselves, ‘How can I use my life and my leadership for the greatest positive impact and the thriving of others — and that includes me.’ This four-month program will give them an opportunity, in a safe learning environment and with tools that we’ve used all over the world, to really dive into that more deeply.”

Moorefield said Wisdom Works, established 19 years ago, has been focusing on this kind of leadership work for years.

“The reason we do this work is because the world is getting more and more complex — for many people it feels crazy-making and more divisive,” she said. “We’ve always believed that tapping into our capacity to thrive in the middle of all that is something that we’ve not been paying attention to.

“When you look at the stats, the latest from Gallup shows 85 percent of leaders are disengaged at work — yet these are the very people that have the responsibility to create an environment where employees can show up as their best selves. And the latest stats from Harvard Medical School are that 95 percent of senior leaders experience some form of burnout.”

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These numbers show that leaders are not creating environments where their teams can thrive, Moorefield said, and they’re also failing to prioritize their own well-being.

Leading From Within promises to help women build:

  • insights into how state of being impacts behavior, stress and energy, and leadership effectiveness;
  • specific actions for boosting leadership effectiveness and personal fulfillment;
  • new approaches for tapping into thriving as a strategic leadership resource; and
  • a greater ability to lead more authentically, inclusively, and with greater positive impact.

The program’s kickoff workshop at SunMountain Center in Manitou Springs will focus on “what it means to thrive personally and professionally as a leader in a complex, chaotic world,” according to the SCWCC website.  

According to the SCWCC, the program also includes a Leadership Circle Profile, to assess leadership consciousness and capabilities; the Be Well Lead Well Pulse survey of factors that support personal and leadership transformation; in-depth reports on assessment findings; a two-hour confidential briefing with an executive coach; and two peer-coaching sessions.

A workshop retreat will take place May 22 at SunMountain Center. The focus, according to the website, will be: “How to turn your assessment results into a leadership and life vision of thriving. Dive deeper into effective practices, share insights gained and shifts made, build community and discuss next steps for continuing this learning journey together.”

Program capacity is limited. The cost is $2,000 for SCWCC members and $2,200 for non-members.

Register at chamber.scwcc.com/events/details/leading-from-within-program-4430.