D-11 seeks industry volunteers for STEM challenge


Colorado Springs School District 11 is calling for industry volunteers to collaborate with teachers in a STEM Design Challenge to take place in downtown Colorado Springs Friday, Feb. 16.

The event is a design sprint for education, in which teachers and business professionals work side by side to rapidly develop new ideas for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math projects.

Through the program, which is led by the Colorado Education Initiative, teachers can also receive on-the-spot funding to make their concept a reality in the classroom.

According to a news release from the Colorado Education Initiative, business professionals are “the key that completes the picture” at the design sprints.

“These one-day workshops open the door to creativity and new partnerships centered on design and collaboration,” the release added.

“STEM Design Challenges provide Colorado’s business community with a chance to share their experience and business savvy with educators eager to design innovative ways for kids to explore their unique talents. A day at a STEM Design Challenge not only ignites teacher ideas, it also energizes all participants as they roll up their sleeves and find new ways to engage kids in deeper learning.”

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D-11 needs several more industry volunteers for the STEM Design Challenge, which will take place from 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Feb. 16 at Michelle’s Makery on North Tejon Street.

To participate, contact Liz Kuehl at lkuehl@coloradoedinitiative.org or 720-502-4736.