It all began with a simple move. Well, as simple as moving a 1,500-pound billiard table can be. But Billiard Brothers progressed from just a moving business to staining used pool tables, adding cordless LED lighting, touching up nicks and scratches and more.

Billiard Brothers has been in business since August 2016 and since then they have repaired more than 300 tables.

The business operates out of owner Jason Jacobs’ home, as well as a local storage unit. Most of his trade comes from their online presence, but he also gets a few referrals each month. He and his wife, Nicole, along with friend and co-worker Larry Lucero, restore, repair and add bling to Colorado Springs-area pool tables in need of TLC. They also serve as Imperial USA and Ram Game Room billiard table dealers. In addition to its restoration and moving services, Billiard Brothers sells 20 different styles of tables, including models emblazoned with NFL logos, along with a wide range of other licensed game room products.

But a majority of their business comes from “emergency” moves, Jason said. These typically stem from real estate closings where homeowners and movers realize it’s not easy moving billiard tables. Jason said it’s a specialty move, much like a piano, due to its weight.

The company can remove a table in about 30 minutes to an hour, and have it set back up in its new location in about two hours, not counting commute time.

“A lot of times five drunk guys get together on a table and try to lift it and rip the rails off of it,” Jason said.

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Billiard Brothers is one of a few companies that moves one-piece slates (most pool tables are three-piece slates) that can weigh 1,000 pounds. The business has a cart it designed specifically for this task.

“We based our cart off a need,” Jason said. “Once you’ve picked up a couple of one-piece slates with your legs and back, you need a tool to make that physical strain less [impactful].”

He built the cart from pieces purchased at Home Depot, and his contraption has gained a lot of interest from customers at the store.

Billiard Brothers charges $300 to move three-piece slates (within Colorado Springs) and $600 for one-piece slates. The cost goes up for out-of-town moves.

Most owners place their pool tables on lower levels of their homes. As a result, Jason admits, “We live our lives from basement to basement.”

Not a problem, though, because he says Billiard Brothers has “the best customers in the world. … We go to the nicest places in town.”

And, as a veteran, being in a job where he can stay relatively clean is a big bonus, he said.

“I’ve still got sand in my ears,” he said of his deployments to the Middle East. Prior to starting his business, Jason worked as a sales manager of a local hot tub store. He also served as a truck driver in the military, where he spent time in Iraq. Originally from Decatur, Ill., he’s been in Colorado about 10 years.

Jason said the trio uses basic tools and their specially designed cart — as well as muscle and leverage — to move tables.

He said he especially enjoys restoring and refurbishing tables and creating new ones, providing them with a new identity and, eventually, a new home.

The three have steadily made investments in the business. The first 80 tables were moved with a Chrysler PT Cruiser with the back seats removed. Billiard Brothers now has a van to better meet the requirements of the job. However, getting the tables into a smaller vehicle provided them with a great deal of knowledge, as they had to break down tables to lumber, nuts and bolts.

“It’s a huge reason why we are so confident when we tell people there is not a table out there that we can’t and won’t move,” he said.

While Jason enjoys being his own boss, he has even higher aspirations — shooting for a physical location by next winter.

Billiard Brothers

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Employees: 3

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