Tammy Fields, Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC senior vice president of economic development, has been promoted to chief economic development officer for the organization effective immediately.

Chamber & EDC president and CEO Dirk Draper announced Fields’ promotion today, just over two months since Hannah Parsons announced she was leaving the position to become CEO of nonprofit security tech accelerator Exponential Impact.

Fields joined the Chamber & EDC in 1994 and has served in a number of roles, including marketing and business attraction.

As chief economic development officer, Fields said she’ll be drawing upon 23 years of experience in working with local companies, tracking projects, building partnerships throughout the city and the state, and understanding Colorado Springs’ evolution.

All of those experiences that I’ve had will really play well into this new role,” she told the Business Journal. “I am really excited about it.”

Among her priorities, Fields highlighted Colorado Springs’ new economic development strategic plan, a partnership with national marketing firm DCI to promote the city nationwide, and the new business retention and expansion efforts led by Local Industry Programs Manager Yemi Mobolade.

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“I’m really excited about helping shape what that program looks like,” she said. “For years I’ve been involved with attracting new businesses to our community, but I’m also a very, very firm believer that we need to take care of the businesses that we already have here.

“Having been here for 23 years, many of those are companies that I brought here — so we have to hold up our end of the bargain about promises that we made to them that we will take care of them. I’m really excited about helping that program to be as robust as possible. Then that also helps us tell the story to new businesses that we might be looking to attract here.”

Fields said she’s excited about the direction the community is taking, and the synergy within Colorado Springs and around the state.

“I’ve seen obviously a lot of changes in this community over the years — I was born and raised here so I’ve watched this community grow, I’ve watched this community struggle, and I’ve been there through a lot of those ebbs and flows within the community,” she said.

“I think, right now, we’re in one of the best positions I’ve ever seen this community in. We have citizens that are supporting our elected leadership, which is evident through the support that Mayor Suthers has received in some of the initiatives to move this community forward, to invest in ourselves …

“I think that, on top of the economy doing pretty well, and this new strategic plan in front of us that’s giving us new direction … I really see a lot of good things in store for our community.”

In a news release issued by the Chamber & EDC, Draper said, “For years, Tammy has leveraged her economic development experience, knowledge of real estate and incentives, and industry relationships to attract employers, help existing companies expand, and strengthen the overall well-being of our region’s economy.

“We are fortunate to benefit from her expertise and look forward to her continued role as a central and significant contributor to and leader in the Colorado Springs business community.”

Fields currently serves as vice chair of the Economic Development Council of Colorado and is on the board of the Southern Colorado Commercial Brokers. She was named one of 2009’s Women of Influence by the Colorado Springs Business Journal.