Last year was a big year for real estate in Colorado Springs, and the number of people moving to the Pikes Peak region is only expected to increase in 2018.

As such, marketing home inventory will be as important as ever. According to the National Association of Home Builders, there are several options to keep up with marketing and selling new homes in the new year.

For instance, builders are increasingly turning to augmented reality, which allows buyers to virtually customize homes through apps. That technology joins virtual reality, which Realtors have been using for several years now to provide buyers with virtual tours.

Mac Little, co-founder of the locally based marketing firm 2 Marketing Guys, said apps like Houzz provide buyers the chance to customize their home before they even move in.

“[These apps] have made it really awesome to picture what could be in a home without having those changes made right in front of you,” Little said. “Developers don’t have to spend money to preview something.”

Home builders and developers can also use podcasts to their advantage, Little said, in order to get a feel for the most common questions and concerns among prospective homebuyers.

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Builders and developers can also post podcasts onto social media to build their reputation and to help with branding, Little said.

For social media marketing, it’s important to have a social media tracker to know what’s trending, Little added.

In addition to using modern technology and platforms, the NAHB also suggests that sales consultants work with mortgage lenders and have face-to-face contact with potential buyers to improve relationships.

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