CyberWorx sprint to focus on fitness, “smart bases”


A new CyberWorx design sprint aims to create proof-of-concept for physical fitness tracking and testing technologies on Air Force “smart bases” next month.

The week-long sprint, called #AFSmartBases-3PT, will be hosted by the Center for Technology, Research and Commercialization and held Jan. 23-26 at the United States Air Force Academy.

The question Air Force and industry partners plan to answer: “How might we better leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart technologies to improve Airmen’s lives in the area of health and wellness to start to improve the [Air Force]’s personnel readiness and scheduling/time management during [physical training] testing and back-end reporting/monitoring?”

Sprint participants want to demonstrate the feasibility of incorporating smart and cloud-based technologies into physical fitness tracking and testing for airmen, so that a “minimum viable product” can be created, according to a news release issued by C-TRAC.

“This design sprint continues to push what the [Air Force] is doing with smart and mobile technologies,” CyberWorx Director Col. Jeffrey Collins said in an email. “Wearables, such as fitness monitors, and even mobile apps on phones, have become commonplace for young, healthy individuals like most of our Airmen and cadets.

“In this design problem, sprinters will be looking at Airman fitness overall and will challenge themselves to rethink how we might best maintain and improve the health of the workforce.

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“A healthy workforce is important for national defense — it improves creativity and military readiness. The way Airmen maintain their own fitness and how the [Air Force] monitors fitness are on the table to modernize.”

Participants in the sprint will continue to experiment with the best ways to move forward on “smart base” concepts.

#AFSmartBases-3PT will be the third CyberWorx design sprint to focus on smart bases — the creation of Air Force bases that fully leverage the Internet of Things and similar smart technologies to improve mobility, automation, learning and sharing, and cybersecurity, according to the news release.

The previous two smart base sprints successfully demonstrated the advantages of this approach, and the January sprint will build on those results, the release added.

“Like the other Smart Base sprints we’ve done, this also lets us push further forward on using and managing data securely — important in this age of cybersecurity concerns and the need to be aware of protecting privacy information,” Collins said. “We’re excited to host this sprint here in Colorado Springs at our CyberWorx studio for the [Air Force].”

For the sprint, CyberWorx and C-TRAC are seeking additional industry partners in the fields of fitness technology, fitness performance measurement & tracking, data management and analysis, Internet of Things (IOT), technology innovation, wearables, health care, physical training, systems engineering, IT systems and back-end data support.

Industry professionals and academic leaders interested in contributing to the design sprint can contact C-TRAC at