By Kristian DePue

After living in Colorado Springs for a year, Jordyn Myers has found ways to contribute to the community that is now her home.

“The first time I came here, it was for my interview with BKD,” she said. “I submitted my resumé thinking it was a long shot, but got a call the next week. After two phone interviews, they flew me here to be interviewed in person, and I was offered a job.”

Myers, a Hoosier, submitted her resumé to the Springs accounting firm from 1,200 miles away.

She grew up in Goshen, a city of roughly 32,000 people in northern Indiana, where she played volleyball and participated in one of her passions, music.

After hearing her sing along to the radio and cassette tapes, Myers’ parents encouraged her to enter talent shows. From there, she took voice lessons while in elementary school, joined choir in middle school and participated in the Indiana State School Music Association.

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Myers attended Indiana University-Purdue University in Fort Wayne, Ind., where she worked toward her undergraduate degree in business with a major in accounting. She joined the university’s accounting society, and attended the Public Firm Night — an annual networking event that led to a tax internship her sophomore year at Haines, Isenbarger & Skiba LLC, where she later worked as a certified public accountant for three years before moving to Colorado Springs.

Why did you choose accounting for a career?

I took an accounting class in high school, and was not only good at it but I also loved it. My internship in college confirmed that I was doing the right thing and that I was in the right place. I am one of the lucky ones who started a major in college and stayed with it. I never changed my major. I’m a tax nerd, and I’m OK with it.

What attracted you to Colorado Springs?

The mountains. I wanted to live close to the mountains. I love hiking. I’m a fair-weather hiker, though, I’ll admit. I live close to North Cheyenne Cañon. I’ll take my dog, Gunther, who’s a dachshund I adopted three years ago, on hikes. He’s surprisingly adventurous for having short legs.

What do you like about working in Colorado Springs?

Despite the city being rather big, it feels like a small town in the downtown area. I love working downtown, seeing familiar faces and being able to say ‘hello.’

How are you making Colorado Springs your home?

I work out a lot for fun. We have an awesome fitness community here. I am a frequent attendee at Cycology Studio. The people are great, the music is great, and their philosophy is great. I leave Cycology sweating and in a better mood than when I came. I go to Orangetheory too; they do heart-rate-monitored interval training.

I’m also the chairwoman of the Colorado Springs BKD Foundation Committee. The BKD Foundation is the charitable arm of BKD. In June, we supported Greccio, which provides affordable, low-income housing. For their residents, we built a shed, several garden boxes and did some landscaping. Our current project is participating in Teens with Promise’s holiday gift drive.

I was also on the planning committee for [Big Brothers Big Sisters-Pikes Peak’s] major fundraising event, Big Night Out. It was held at The Pinery in November. Other than music, my other big passion is children. One of the partners at BKD introduced me to Danielle Summerville [the executive director of BBBS Pikes Peak]. I had coffee with her and talked about my passions, and I ended up assisting her development team with planning the event.

How can Colorado Springs keep young professionals?

A factor that makes young professionals want to stay in a city is their sense of belonging. What this means varies by individual. For me, feeling like I’m in a place where I’m connected to like-minded individuals, and have a support network, is meaningful. Colorado Springs is relatively spread out, and professionals who are connected are less likely to go elsewhere.

What are you looking forward to about the holidays?

I am all about traditions. Fort Wayne had several city traditions for the holidays, and I love that Colorado Springs does too. I went to The Broadmoor’s light display, and it was gorgeous. I love the downtown decorations and the Festival of Lights Parade. I’m already creating new traditions here, and I’m excited to make more. I am looking forward to visiting my family in Indiana, though, to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and make breakfast with them on Christmas morning.