C-TRAC seeks industry minds to tackle cyber problems


The Center for Technology, Research and Commercialization is seeking industry thought leaders to help find the best way to meld the Air Force’s Cyberspace capabilities with Global ISR — Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, to improve warfighting.

C-TRAC will support an Air Force CyberWorx design sprint in December, bringing those industry thought leaders together with representatives from the Department of Defense and the Air Force to address the problem.

“This opportunity is much bigger than simply merging together two numbered Air Forces (the 24th and 25th, both at Lackland AFB) to achieve synergy,” a news release from C-TRAC said. “This opportunity is about moving toward multi-domain thinking in Air Force operations and unleashing the talent of our cyber and ISR forces in executing and supporting missions.”

In a recent interview with the military-focused publication C4ISRNET, Maj. Gen. Christopher Weggeman, commander of the 24th Air Force, said: “We’re certainly looking at how do we better integrate and close the seams between cyberspace operations, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, electronic warfare, information operations.”

The aim is to allow warfighters to operate with more agility and leverage new, innovative ISR and cyber capabilities.

Participants in the December sprint, called #Amped600AF, will tackle the problem “How might we eliminate operational barriers between USAF Cyberspace and ISR Operations?” using design thinking.

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“Design thinking — a structured framework for understanding and pursuing innovation in ways that encourage outside-the-box thinking — figures prominently in the CyberWorx design sprint process,” according to the C-TRAC news release.

C-TRAC is looking for diversity of experience among industry participants, because it boosts the overall creativity of the group.

“Part of what CyberWorx was set up to do was to allow us to build cognitive diversity looking at problems,” CyberWorx director Col. Jeffrey Collins told the Business Journal. “By bringing those perspectives together we get a better answer.”

C-TRAC will interview applicants to determine if they will be a good fit for the upcoming sprint. Contact info@c-trac.org or call 719-896-5087 ext. 209 to begin the application process.