The Manitou Springs Urban Renewal Authority announced it has launched, “a website dedicated to future investment in the city.”

According to a news release issued by the MSURA, the site offers builders, developers and financers a single place to engage in, learn about and develop the Urban Renewal Authority of Manitou Springs.

The MSURA exists to encourage private investment and reinvestment in targeted areas and to promote partnerships with other groups to advance the city’s goals surrounding urban planning, fiscal prudence and cultural sensitivity.

“The Manitou Springs Urban Renewal Authority and the city of Manitou Springs have aggressively invested in improved infrastructure to support a dynamic redevelopment plan,” Farley McDonough, co-chair of the URA Board, said in the news release. “This website helps future investors and developers easily find the information they need about our community in one place, and reaffirms our stated commitment to future economic growth.”

According to the MSURA, “the website will guide potential investors through the application process, providing information such as zoning codes and historical design guidelines, as well as the necessary forms, fees and applications.”

The website will allow for communication with the city of Manitou Springs Planning Department and Manitou Springs Urban Renewal Authority board members to start the development process “and access a virtual look into available properties.”

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Investors could receive Manitou Springs Urban Renewal Authority financial support such as tax credit assistance, natural hazards mitigation assistance, incentives and grants.