PeakMed Colorado is changing the way people go to the doctor.

Under a direct primary care model, PeakMed bypasses insurance companies and gives patients direct access to a doctor “regardless of insurance, pre-existing conditions, age or illness,” for a fixed monthly membership fee.

Also part of the model: same-day appointments, 24/7 virtual access, house calls for patients who can’t get to the clinic, and on-site and off-site behavioral health services.

Across three years in business, PeakMed has grown its team from two full-time employees to 14. Owner Dr. Mark Tomasulo said the company’s success stems from its innovative business model and its care team.

“This company was founded on the idea that a well-established relationship between an individual and their doctor is the root of better health,” he said in an email. “In order to make that the focal point, we had to change the economics behind delivering primary care.

“Our vision is to redesign health and care and that cannot be achieved without changing the economics behind how we deliver that care.”

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PeakMed physicians deliver 90 percent of an individual’s health care and manage non-primary care needs, including referral management and round-the-clock access to a doctor by cell phone, to minimize unnecessary care and emergency room visits.

Tomasulo described the PeakMed care team as “dedicated, passionate individuals who work every day to ensure our members receive the highest quality care possible” and said growing that team has been one of the company’s biggest challenges.

“When you grow as fast as we are, you have to have a team passionate about the company’s vision — a team that jumps in when something needs to get done,” he said. “A team so dedicated that some nights they are up all night working towards the vision and a team that will push you as much as you push them. We are lucky enough to have such a team.”

Tomasulo’s advice to other business owners: “Don’t stop and don’t lose sight of your vision.

“Don’t stop being passionate, don’t stop pushing the envelope, don’t stop until you can look back and know you gave everything you had or see an entire industry changing before your eyes,” he said.

“The only failure is giving up on your vision and throwing in the towel before you are absolutely positive you have given 110 percent to achieving it.”

— Helen Robinson