Paul Sutton attributes the phenomenal growth of his company, Peak Structural Inc., to the decision to move to Palmer Lake in 2015.

“No question, the bigger building we have now spurred the growth,” he said. “If we’d moved in 2011 or ’12, we probably would’ve had a surge in growth then.”

The company — which repairs foundations for homes and commercial properties — was located on Sierra Madre Street in Colorado Springs at that time.

“The building was 3,500 square feet and it constrained growth,” Sutton said. “We weren’t able to grow our fleet or staff. We were bottlenecked with modest growth. Now we’re in a building that is 24,000 square feet and that allows us to attract a better caliber of employee also.”

Peak Structural, which has been in business for 15 years, had 25 full-time employees at the end of 2014. That nearly doubled to 47 by the next year and jumped again to 72 full-time positions by the end of 2016 — including an in-house human resources department. Not surprisingly, Sutton said, the business’ gross revenue also nearly tripled.

“There is definitely a relationship between head count and revenue growth,” he said.

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Peak Structural says it has 84 percent of the market share in the Pikes Peak region, and also does a lot of business in Denver — another reason the move to Palmer Lake made sense.

“We’re close to I-25 and we can go either direction easily,” Sutton said.

The company provides state-of-the-art foundation repair systems to effectively address the problems below a home or business. The systems are built with galvanized steel to resist corrosion and are designed to last longer when repairing foundation, basement or crawl space waterproofing and concrete leveling.

Fixing the problem of a failing foundation is just part of the job, Sutton said. The rest is making a customer feel valued.

“I’d say another reason we’ve grown so much as a company is because we work hard to deliver a remarkable customer experience,” he said. “Every business tries to do that, I think. It’s the aggregate — whether that’s a little or a lot — of the customer service interactions along the way that matter, because when you put all of those in a pot and stir them up, it comes out good, bad or ugly.

“Refining and delivering that customer experience is our top priority, and I think the customers like what they’re getting from us.”

— Bob Stephens