Now fresh cookies are only a mouse click away.

Colorado Springs residents can order cookies to their doorstep or work from Colorado Springs-based cookie delivery service, Sasquatch Cookies.

Founded by four women who live in the Springs, the cookie delivery company offers eight varieties, including chocolate chip, gluten-free chocolate chip and the very-seasonal pumpkin, that can be ordered through its website and delivered during operating hours — 5 p.m.-midnight Thursday through Saturday. Sasquatch Cookies delivers within a 10-mile radius of 5001 Centennial Blvd. Before the specialty business opened, Brooke Orist, one of the founders, had to find what she believes is the perfect high-altitude cookie recipe.

After experimenting with more than 50 variations in a year, Orist, who works in human resources for The Navigators, an international Christian ministry, approached three of her coworkers in June and asked if they would like to be the founders of a small business.

They said yes and, two months later, Sasquatch Cookies celebrated its grand opening Aug. 24.

“I’ve been wanting, since I was a kid, to own a bakery,” Orist said. “In college, my sister did a fundraiser and she sold baked goods to college students. She made pretty good money for a college student selling baked goods, so I was like, ‘Hey I think this could be a viable business for me.’”

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The mission behind Sasquatch Cookies isn’t just about baking and delivering treats. In addition to using all recyclable materials, Sasquatch Cookies donates 10 percent of its profits to Ecumenical Social Ministries, an organization providing assistance to low-income and homeless people in the Pikes Peak region.    

“I’d say that probably the main driving force and center of our business is impacting people,” co-founder Jen Buckholdt said. “Because that’s what we want to do with our lives, so this is just a platform to do that.”

The four founders, Orist, Buckholdt, Kate Zweber and Cassie Thomas all have additional full-time jobs and contribute to every need of the new business, which includes logistics, marketing, baking and delivering.

Since opening, Sasquatch Cookies has earned $7,500 in revenue, according to Orist.

When the business first opened, it was averaging around 20 orders per night. That has slowed to about 10 orders per night, which continues to sustain the business, she said.

About 100 to 200 cookies are baked each night the business is open.

With each cookie costing an average of $0.37 to make, up-front costs and ordering supplies in bulk have been the biggest financial challenges, Buckholdt said.

“It costs more than we realized it was going to cost,” she said. “If we had known all that, I don’t know that we would have jumped in so quick or been like, ‘Yeah, we can tackle this.’”

Finding an online ordering system was also difficult, Orist said.

When Sasquatch Cookies opened in August, its target audience was college students, which now accounts for one-fourth of its customers.

Other popular demographics include members of the military, hospital staff and firefighters at their stations.

“They work 24 hours a day,” Buckholdt said.

The cookie delivery company has been renting kitchen space out of The Cupcake Girls, located on East Platte Avenue, but Orist said they are going to relocate to another kitchen soon.

Once they are able to get certain licenses, the founders want to deliver milk with the cookies and have a storefront in Old Colorado City.

Sasquatch Cookies also wants to sell its product through other stores in the area, according to Buckholdt.

The founders said they hope Sasquatch Cookies will become a well-known brand in the state.

“Of course we want it to be profitable and successful financially,” Orist said. “For all of us, success is a growing opportunity in our relationships with each other and the community and my own professional skills and knowledge.

“If this thing goes well enough … I think at the end of the day it wasn’t a waste of time — it wasn’t not a success.”