Promoting sustainable energy and supporting business in Colorado are two of the important values for SSPR LLC, a digital public relations company in Colorado Springs.

SSPR is accomplishing both of those goals by launching its Conscious Capitalism program and providing pro bono work for Alliance for Sustainable Colorado, a statewide nonprofit agency.

“We developed this idea last year and interviewed a lot of nonprofits around the state,” said Heather Kelly, CEO of SSPR. “They were the best fit for us.”

Kelly hopes this is just the beginning.

“I would like to do this with more of the innovative nonprofits,” she said. “This is our beta test, our opportunity to go for it. There are a lot of nonprofits that do great work and make a difference in our community and this is our opportunity to help one of those businesses.”

SSPR, which originated in Chicago in 1978, also has offices in Philadelphia and San Francisco. Kelly moved to Colorado Springs in 2003 and opened the office here the next year. After becoming CEO in 2015, she moved the company headquarters to the Springs.

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She said SSPR is primarily a technology public relations company, and represents any business from a startup to a top 100 firm.

“I’m committed to Colorado Springs and this is a great place to be,” Kelly said. “There is an opportunity for tech growth here and along the Front Range and I don’t want Colorado Springs to be left behind.”

SSPR has 60-plus employees at its four offices, with 25 of them working in the Springs office.

“We’ve doubled our employees in the Springs office since 2015,” Kelly said. “Our staff is young and vibrant and we want to support the active lifestyle in Colorado Springs and bring more young folks here.”

Aiding the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado is important to SSPR’s employees, she said.

“People like to connect at work with what they feel passionate about,” Kelly said. “This is a great chance to give back to the community and use our voice to support missions we believe in.”

SSPR launched its Conscious Capitalism program to establish strong community ties with neighboring nonprofits in need of pro bono services to improve organizational effectiveness in resource saving, efficiency, brand messaging and quality of services.

As a tech-focused PR agency, SSPR said the time for clean energy and sustainability transformation is now — and that businesses are the driving force behind environmental change. SSPR’s first goal was to partner with a nonprofit using clean tech to pave the way for startups and Fortune 500 companies wanting to use their influence to make a greener world.

The agency chose Alliance for Sustainable Colorado, recipient of the state’s first LEED Platinum certification under the new and rigorous “v4” standards of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, because of its goal to make sustainability a business necessity. The company also aligned with SSPR’s four guidelines for working with nonprofits:

  • Kickass nonprofit culture
  • Doing innovative work
  • Continuously curious about the future of tech and its possibilities
  • Connecting the dots between the environment, business and people

While piloting the program at the Colorado Springs headquarters, SSPR plans to scale the Conscious Capitalism program in the following months to support additional causes that align with employee passions, including clean energy, diversity in tech, STEM and more.


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