At certified public accounting firm Stockman Kast Ryan + Co., encouraging staff wellness is all about freedom and choices.

“More than anything else, we try to create a supportive atmosphere and give people the flexibility to be able to participate in whatever activities appeal to them,” said Managing Partner Trinity Bradley-Anderson.

“We’ve got hikers, we’ve got mountain bike riders… skiers, snowboarders — there are so many different things people can do and Colorado Springs is such a great place for an active outdoor lifestyle.”

Bradley-Anderson said health and wellness have been part of the SKR + Co. culture for many years, and the company reaps the rewards of having relaxed, focused, productive staff.

“It’s something that’s driven by our employees and what they are wanting for their lives and for their health,” she said.

“Responding to what they’re asking for and helping them find that space is the key.”

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This year the firm added 365 Grand Club membership to its benefits, giving busy staff access to pools and three fitness centers just a short walk from the office.

SKR + Co.’s health care package includes a digital wellness app for building healthier habits, an app that gives staff access to a network of physicians, and a pedometer that links to a financial incentive to earn up to $1,095 each year to offset out-of-pocket medical expenses.

The firm sponsors several SKR + Co. athletic teams and takes the company on outings to local sporting events. Its social committee sponsors activities like Office Olympics, Nerf Gun Battle and blood drives.

SKR + Co. partners lead by example, participating in wellness events, encouraging staff to keep manageable hours and take time off, and maintaining their own healthy work-life balance.

Bradley-Anderson stays active with yoga and rollerblading, as well as hiking with her two Rottweilers.

During the past tax season, SKR + Co. ran a health challenge: Employees tracked their workouts and water intake and had to meet a weekly health goal. They tracked progress through a point system and the three employees with the most health points won a gift card for indoor rock climbing.

For mental and emotional well-being, the firm offered mindful meditation seminars during tax season to reduce stress levels, improve concentration and boost immune systems. The firm also provides a comprehensive health package with wellness resources.

“It’s about the whole person,” Bradley-Anderson said.

“Wellness as a general state of being enhances your life everywhere. The fact that it’s important to them and they embrace it each in their individual way is really what makes us unique.”