Allison Jencson and her husband Barry believe in leading by example — and that includes their health and wellness efforts.

The two own Frontline Floor Coatings, a business that specializes in coating tile and concrete floors to keep them looking fresh and new. The company also can repair tile and grout in floors. For example, the company is responsible for the shiny floors at Kirkpatrick Bank on Cascade Avenue.

Jencson said she believes in modeling healthy behavior for employees, and that includes giving them time for themselves.

“We practice taekwondo regularly,” she said. “We try to always make sure we are making healthy choices when we eat out and we let our employees know that they need to take time for themselves.”

The company is small, but looking to grow, she said.  Currently, they are seeking two more employees for the store, which is located at 3427 N. Prospect St. in Colorado Springs.

“What’d I really like to do is hire an office manager and a sales manager,” she said. “My goal is to take a less hands-on approach to the business and spend time mentoring other husband-wife teams who are involved in the trades.”

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That mentoring is also part of the company’s approach to health and wellness, she said.

But it doesn’t stop there.

“We cheer each other on,” she said. “We want to know what people are doing on the weekend and we want to share our weekend outdoor adventures, things like hiking and camping. We highly encourage our employees to get outdoors and enjoy our beautiful city and state.”

It’s just baked into the company’s philosophy, Jencson said.

“We want to have our employees live long and fulfilling lives,” she said.